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Liv Schulman

Née en 1985 à Buenos Aires

2015: Grant holder at Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
2012: Artist's Program, Torcuato Di Tella University. Buenos Aires.
2010-2011: MFA Art Writing. Goldsmiths, University of London. England.
2008-2010: École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris Cergy. DNSEP (Master in Fine Arts). Paris. France.
2005-2008: École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris Cergy. DNAP (Fine Arts Graduate). Paris. France.

Individual exhibitions
2015: "The Covensky Method IV" Verbo Brasil Performance Festival. Vermelho Gallery Sao Paulo,Brasil.
"Control, La Segunda Temporada" (Control, Season II) Big Sur Gallery. Buenos Aires.
2014: -"Un receso & Una Reconstruccion III. El nuevo Episodio del método Covensky. CCMatienzo. Buenos Aires. (A recess and a Reconstruction, A New Episode of The Covensky Method).CC Matienzo, Buenos Aires.
-Un receso & una reconstrucción II. Un nuevo episodio del Método Covensky (A recess and a Reconstruction, A New Episode of The Covensky Method). Matienzo Club Cultural. Buenos Aires.
-"Control a Tv Show" Performaton, Moderm Art Museum, Buenos Aires.
-"Un receso y una reconstrucción, The Covensky Method" Museum of Modern Art. Buenos Aires. Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires, curated by Javier Villa.
2013: ¨Esplendor." (Splendour) New Museum of Contemporary Energy. Buenos Aires.
2012: "Los Limites del Control" (The Limits of Control) Perfecta Galería. Bahía Blanca. Argentina.
"Biopic". Contemporary Art Museum of Rosario. Argentina.
2011: -"Control" Corazón gallery. La Plata. Argentina.
-"Lies, Lies, Lies" Barberousse gallery. Paris. France.

Group Exhibitions
2013: -XIV National Fine Art Salon of Rosario. Rosario Argentina.
-"Un Mundo que se Acuerda a Nuestros Deseos" (A World that Accords to our Wishes) Walter Andrade, Paulina Hauyon, Liv Schulman with a special invitation by Camila Tellez. Mitte Gallery. Buenos Aires.
-"New Economy" Alberto Sendros Gallery. Curated by Claudio Iglesias.
-"La Desaparición" (The Disappearance) Vairoletto Prize Foundation, Faena Arts Center.
-"Visite Palestina-Visite Israel" (Visit Palestine-Visit Israel). Metrónomo Gallery. Buenos Aires.
2012: -"Un Círculo Perfecto. Grado Cero. O tal Vez Aparezca. Menos Menos". (A Perfect Circle. Grade Zero.
Or Maybe it Appears. Less is Less) Torcuato DiTella University's Artists' Program Exhibit.
-"After you Die" Espacio 104, Bogotá, Colombia.
-"Internet Killed Televisión". Emilio Caraffa Museum, City of Córdoba, Argentina.
2011: -"El Museo Performático" instrucciones de artistas para obras efímeras ("The Performatic Museum" artists' instructions for ephemeral works) . The Night of The Museums, Museum of Contemporary Energy, LaEne.
-"Prepositions" International Performance Festival. Lisbon, Portugal.
-"This Is It". Curated by Maria Fusco. Chisenhale Gallery. Londres .
-"UltimoRound." Performance ("LastRound" Performance) . "Excentricités" Performance Festival .Besançon, France.
2010: -"Projectors" Four Gallery. Dublin. Ireland.

-2015: Residency at Mundo Dios. Mar del Plata, Argentina.
-2011: Residency in The World. Museo Castagnino- Macro de Rosario. San Javier de Santa Fe.
-2011: Corazón Gallery. La Plata. Argentina.
-2010-2011: Art Writer in residency Chisenhale Gallery. London.

With Andrés Aizicovich and Leopoldo Estol, I write and co-direct
"El Flasherito" a newspaper about art writing and critique.
In 2013 I published my first nouvelle: The Journey of CNTRL. Tammy Metzler Editions.
In 2015 I published my first novel: The Covensky Method". Tammy Metzler Editions.

Algo peor que Nada (Something Worst than Nothing). Emargé #001, Emargé #002. Paris France. Tengen #003. ITCH #07.Granta #143. ReadDirtyToMe #2. Allotrope #01.Hipertexte # 43. Foxandsquirrel #128. Artists Talking (blog). Verities #07. Young Fresh and Relevant Issue #03. Radar. Pagina 12. Pobre, Feo y Elegante I, II, III. "Idioglossia, An Art Writing Glossary" Whitechapel Editions.
Since 2012 I have been in charge of the direction and script writing of TRIPLE FRONTERA (Triple Frontier). Triple Frontera is an art writing cycle. It summons artists, musicians and writers which have a performatic practice related to writing that doesn't precisely situate itself neither in literature or in theory. Triple Frontier works as a hybrid space of experimentation.