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Performance de Michael FitzGerald Somniloquy (Sleep Yarble)


Michael FitzGerald, résident du post-diplôme de l'Ensba Lyon, présente une performance en anglais à la suite de la conférence de Matt Mullican :

"While rattling through a few potential tricks for switching the old brain off at night you become convinced that there are other people hanging around your bedroom and closing your eyes doesn't make them go away and what's more each time you close your eyes a voice - a voice that is not your own - says just try to go to sleep and if the voice is not your own and it's in your head then whose head is it anyway? 
Your body's head? 
Your mind's head?
Or whose? 
And to whom should I address this inquiry?"

Café Bellevue
7 cours Général Giraud, 69001 Lyon