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Du 17-11-2014 au 21-11-2014

Workshop avec Francesco Faccin


avec les étudiants de Design d'espace 4/5

The Wunderkammer was born around 1500 as a form of collection of wonderful and unseen objects, useful to amaze and entertain impor- tant guests. Natural objects or mysterious and disquieting artifacts, made with rare materials. Somehow the Wunderkammer (literally “cabinet of wonders”) establish the basis of the mod- ern conception of museums, even if they do not respect scientific criteria.

In this workshop we should capture the spirit of wonder and con- trolled chaos, typical of this way of showing. The aim of the project is to create a contemporary Wunderkammer which collects affective objects of each of you. Wonderful objects that tell a story, a journey, a discovery, a secret ...

Each project will be placed inside a frame of various sizes and materials and at the end it will be merged into one big composi- tion to hang on the wall. The exhibition will be the set of short stories that we will tell through the objects selected.