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Du 19-05-2022 au 30-11-2022

Yuliana Alimova - Dreams about Ukraine

© Yuliana Alimova

Yuliana Alimova - Alimalisa - a réalisé son 1er projet en réalité augmentée lors de sa résidence artistique à l'Ensba Lyon dans le cadre du programme d'aide d'urgence PAUSE - Solidarité Ukraine mis en place par le Ministère de la Culture. Une vidéo de présentation est maintenant disponible. 

« Virtual spaceDreams of Ukraine.
Forced distance from home due to the full-scale war of aggression launched by Russia against my country, the inability to return to my apartment, go to the workshop, see my friends, visit my favorite cafe, call my colleague because he is at the front, in the trenches and has no mobile phone connection, endless lists of the dead persons... All this gives rise to long-lasting, indescribable stress, even if you are physically safe and nothing else is exploding around you, dreams about Ukraine continue to be dreamed.
This work is an attempt to create a virtual space that represents the native Ukrainian context, a set of symbols that are understandable to any Ukrainian without additional explanations, because they speak without words, directly, through images.
Wherever I am, I can return to this space, which preserves native contexts for me, and I invite everyone who wants to join this experience.
The space is a way made of red cross-stitches, which are traditionally used to embroider clothes, this road twists spirally and straight up, it is endless. As I walk along this way, one after another I am greeted by various stories, these are real modern events of the war, as well as narratives from ancient legends and mystical stories inherent in the Ukrainian mentality. The last plot on this path is a bird hatched from an Easter egg, a sacred artifact traditional to our culture, which symbolizes the birth of the universe, the bird is wearing shoes and looks a little funny, because we should not take the universe too seriously, otherwise you risk losing your sense of humor and taste for life. »


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