Ingel Vaikla

Ingel Vaikla, The Shift, 2019

Ingel Vaikla is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Belgium. She graduated from the Department of Photography of the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA 2015) and film programme of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (MA 2017) and is currently attending the postgraduate residency programme HISK in Ghent. For the next four years she will be part of a PhD practice based researcher group in visual arts based in PXL-MAD, Hasselt. Her artistic research focuses on the relationship between architecture and its users, and the representation of architecture in photography, video and film. Vaikla’s works The House Guard (2015) and Roosenberg (2017) have been screened internationally at film festivals and art institutions such as IDFA in Amsterdam, Màntica Theatre Festival in Cesena, Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna, Tramway in Glasgow, Tretyakov gallery in Moskow etc. Vaikla has curated experimental film programmes with a focus on artists’ moving images for Tallinn Photomonth Contemporary Art Biennale and for Narva Art Residency.

« Ingel Vaikla works at the intersection of multiple worlds.She is a visual artist and filmmaker who examines the relationship between architecture and its users, presenting her works both on cinema screens and in exhibition spaces. Her work emphasizes the close relationship between architecture and moving images: Is there anything better suited to conveying the process of architecture than film? And what could better enable cinematographic composition than architecture?

Vaikla’s work is based on the fluid relationship of memory and experience, and is Vaikla’s attempt to return to the convergence points of these experiences using metaphors that reflect her personal engagement with these matters. The human voices heard in the videos reminds us of the fragility of remembering and the impossibility of reconstructing memories. » (Laura Toots)

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