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Du 02-05-2018 au 04-05-2018

Workshop Than Hussein Clark


Black Boxing the White Cube: Theatricalities of Production

In this three day workshop with artist Than Hussein Clark, as part of Post-Performance Futures, students will be asked to explore and delimit thinking around performativity, objecthood, and subjectivity via histories, actions, and methodologies drawn from the effects, affects, and craft of the theatre. 

Students will be briefly introduced to Clark's artistic practice and explore through texts, videos, acting exercises drawn from Naturalistic and Postdramatic training methods (Stanislaski, Adler, Meisner, Grotowski, and Viewpoints), the ways in which "antitheatrical prejudice" has, since modernism perhaps, defined the rules and regulations of the making, viewing, and theorising of artistic practice.

This exploration will be cumulative, as the students will be cast as actors, directors, and scenographers, becoming participants in a theatrical company which will produce an original one act play to be performed at the end of the workshop. This process will be facilitated by Clark, actors Josef Connolly and Steff Golding, and the head technician of Clark's studio and scenic workshop, artist Benjamin Edwin Slinger.

Art 4-5
Post Performance Future